The World Wide Deb!

A Photographer I am, I love it, and apart from making home made Chicken Nuggets Photography is what I do, and know best of all.  A writer I am not, never have been and short of a miracle never will be, but here is where the drum roll comes in…. Meet Deborah!!!!  Emma Flavell Photography’s answer to…well. most things actually!  Not only is she our Clients first port of call for enquiries, she also deals with tricky questions,  heated financial negotiations,  terms and conditions letters , contract handling, Client Site password allocations, and now she is also our Official Blogger!!!  Armed with an Arts Degree, a sense of humour  and an odd blend of sentiment and cynicism, our ‘Debs’ is going to unleash her opinion on various topics out to the World Wide Web!!!

You go girlfriend!!!!



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