‘Trash the Dress’

A phrase I came across recently, and something I’d never heard of but found very intriguing!  According to Wikipedia it is ‘a style of wedding photography that contrasts elegant clothing with an environment in which it is out of place’.  This initial explanation seemed to me a bit generalised – did it mean wearing your prized and beloved dress whilst conducting the wedding ceremony at your local council refuse collection site?  Not quite apparently; further investigation revealed that it is a trend which has been around for ten years or so in which the dress is worn at a date after the wedding, and is photographed in an alternative location such as a city centre street or a windswept beach.  The dress itself is usually ‘trashed’ as a result of walking across muddy fields or wading through seawater (or if you choose the town’s backstreets on a Sunday morning, I speculated, by contact with Saturday night’s kebab wrappers!).  According to Emma it is an alternative to encasing your beautiful wedding dress in tissue paper and shoving it in the attic in the traditional hope that one day your daughter will want to retrieve it and wear it to her own wedding (despite the fact that it may smell of mothballs!).  It seems a plausible idea – an opportunity for the bride to be photographed in her dress without being restricted by the sometimes rigid schedule of the official wedding ceremony; surely no one could blame her for wanting to re-live the moment, and the resulting photographs could indeed be as beautiful and artistic as those of the Big Day itself.  If you are a Romantic but also a practical person and ‘neat-freak’ like me, you could have the best of both worlds; perhaps you could trash the dress as carefully as possible (wipe the sand and seaweed from it with a handy pack of babywipes as soon as the shoot is over, and send it to the drycleaners when you get home), then pop it safely up in the attic and use it as a diet aid (fetching it down from its hiding place every couple of years or so to prove you can still fit into it!).  In conclusion:  it’s your dress to do with as you will, it symbolises love and hope and happiness – why not get your money’s worth from it after the wedding in whichever way suits you?!! Yours, D.


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